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TIPT Password Expiry Webform

by Community Manager ‎06-03-2017 08:20 PM - edited ‎24-04-2017 03:37 PM

The TIPT Password Expiry feature, when enabled, requires all TIPT users within a Company to change their Web password login credentials periodically based on the number of days (either 30, 60 or 90 days) requested. 


When the password expiration is enabled, the user will be notified that their password has expired and will be prompted to change their password.


Enabling the password expiry feature currently applies to CommPilot only.  Support for TIPT UC-One desktop, mobile and tablet clients will be available by the end of Q2 noting it will be rebranded as Telstra UC-One Communicator.


This feature must be requested from the Company’s Authorised Representative prior to Telstra enabling the feature.


  1. In order to request the Password Expiry feature for your Enterprise, please complete the following webform.
  2. * denotes mandatory fields
  3. This form must be completed by Authorised Representative of your Company, or your Company’s Telstra Account Team
  4. Once completed please press Submit.
  5. Your request will be submitted to TIPT Provisioning for action.


To navigate to the webform and submit your password expiry request, please click here