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Mobileye™ FAQs

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Mobileye™1 FAQs


Q - What is the Mobileye solution ?
A - The Mobileye solution is an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) for fleet vehicles.

Q - How does the Mobileye solution work?
A- The Mobileye solution’s camera continuously scans the road ahead of the vehicle for other vehicles, unintentional lane drift, pedestrians, cyclists, and more. With vigilant analysis of relative distances, locations and speeds, the Mobileye solution issues visual and audio alerts so that drivers can take appropriate corrective action in order to avoid a collision.

The Mobileye solution has some limitations that you should also be aware of:
1. The Mobileye solution will not necessarily register cyclists or pedestrians when travelling over 50Km/h or in low light conditions;
3. The speed alert may give false positive readings when it picks up on speed signs that are only applicable at certain times of the day, e.g. in school zones
4. The Mobileye ShieldTM 2 cameras will not pick up pedestrians or cyclists less than 1m in height.


Q - What type of vehicle can be fitted with the Mobileye solution?
A - The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle. It is available with a single, forward-facing camera suitable for regular-sized vehicles (Mobileye 6 Series), or in a multi-sensor solution (MobileyeShield+), designed specifically for large commercial vehicles with hazardous blind spots.


Q - What benefits can a Mobileye solution provide me with?
A - Mobileye brings various benefits; for example, it can lead to:

  • Improvement in driving, leading to less likelihood of head-on accidents;
  • Reduction in fuel bills;
  • Reduction in general vehicle wear and tear, including reduced wear on brakes and tyres;
  • Minimisation of vehicle downtime associated with accident repairs; and
  • Reduction in insurance premiums.

Q- Which Mobileye solutions does Telstra sell?
A -There are two Mobileye solutions sold by Telstra:
1. Mobileye 6 Series is a single forward-facing camera which assists in preventing or mitigating collisions by alerting the driver in the seconds prior to a potential collision.
2. MobileyeShield+ is an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) specifically designed to address the large blind spots, greater turning radii and other unique challenges experienced by drivers of buses and other large vehicles.

Q - How do I know which Mobileye solution best meets my needs?
A - Telstra sales representatives will work closely with you to understand your requirements and then help you to decide on the best Mobileye solution to meet your business needs.

Q- What does the Mobileye 6 Series solution consist of?
A- Mobileye 6 Series consists of the camera unit containing the EyeQ™3 chip, and a speaker, which is mounted on the inside of the windscreen and an EyeWatch™4 display for visual alerts.

Q - What does the MobileyeShield+ solution consist of?
A - In addition to the camera unit and EyeWatch included with the Mobileye 6 Series solution, the MobileyeShield+ solution has additional cameras placed towards the back of a large vehicle, continuously monitoring the driving environment in order to detect pedestrians and cyclists hidden in the vehicle’s blind spots.

Q - What purchase options are available if I decide to purchase Mobileye?
A - Mobileye solutions sold by Telstra can either be purchased outright or with a 36 month hardware repayment option, where the cost of the hardware is spread out over 36 months in monthly repayments.

Q - Can the Mobileye solution give me a 360 degree view around the vehicle?
A -The Mobileye 6 Series provides you with a 38 degree wide field of vision from the camera’s mounted position.

Q - Are there ongoing costs for the Mobileye 6 Series or MobileyeShield+ solutions?
A - No, there are no ongoing costs to pay for your Mobileye solution unless you select the hardware repayment option, and/or choose to integrate the Mobileye solution with a telematics integration product.

Q- Can Mobileye be integrated with other connected vehicle solutions?
A - Yes. Mobileye is currently compatible with the Teletrac Navman Director® and Fleet Complete MyGeoTab (only available with a MyGeotab Fleet Plan. Not available with a MyGeotab Base or Business Plan).

When a Mobileye solution is integrated with one of these telematics solutions, the Mobileye device will use one or more of the available ports in the telematics device for the duration of the integration. If the required number of ports are not available (ie if those ports are being used by other devices integrated with the telematics solution) then the Mobileye solution will not be able to be integrated with the telematics solution. The particular ports used to integrate the Mobileye solution will not be available for the integration of other technologies, that require the use of those particular ports, while the Mobileye solution is integrated.


Q - What helps differentiate Mobileye from other Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)?
A - Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd. is a large global ADAS provider, chosen by car manufacturers as the supplier of integrated solutions for over 300 new car models manufactured around the world, who all rely on Mobileye’s proprietary algorithm for their collision avoidance systems.

The Mobileye aftermarket collision avoidance technology sold by Telstra is brought to you by the same team developing these sophisticated solutions for some of the world’s leading auto manufacturers.

Mobileye provides fleets looking for an after-market collision avoidance system without replacing their entire fleet.

Q - What is the Mobileye Warranty period?
A - Without limiting your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, Mobileye comes with a two year vendor hardware warranty.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Australian Consumer Law means Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Q - What is the typical order process?
A - The ordering process is simple. Once you have signed the relevant Telstra application form a Mobileye authorised dealer will work with you to arrange the installation of the hardware into your vehicle and provide relevant training and support.

Q - Do any of the Mobileye solutions sold by Telstra require a data SIM card?
A - The Mobileye 6 Series and MobileyeShield+ solutions being sold by Telstra do not require a sim card and are not connected to a network unless you decide to integrate them with the Teletrac Navman Director® or Fleet Complete MyGeotab products. Even then, the device does not have a SIM card of its own and relies on the connectivity from the OBDII device (e.g. Qube 300, Go7).

A zero cost mobile service number sim card does get registered for each Mobileye 6 Series or MobileyeShield+ solution that you purchase to enable the activation of your Mobileye solution in Telstra systems, however this mobile service number will appear on your Telstra bill as a $0 charge.

Q - Is the Mobileye device hardware hard wired into the vehicle and are drivers able to remove it?
A - The Mobileye hardware is installed behind the vehicle dashboard and behind other parts of the vehicle. The Mobileye solution cannot be easily removed. Without limiting your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, removal of, or tampering with a Mobileye device may void the voluntary warranty in connection with that Mobileye device. Should you require the Mobileye solution to be removed, or be altered (such as for a windscreen replacement), contact your Telstra representative or dealer to arrange for an accredited Mobileye installer to arrange for the work (charges apply).

Q - Are the various Mobileye hardware solutions easy to install and maintain?
A - All Mobileye solutions require professional installation by an accredited Mobileye installer which can be organised by your Telstra sales representative. Telstra has a national network of trained and accredited Mobileye installers to professionally install and set up your Mobileye solution.

Access to the CAN bus and ignition may be necessary for installation, which means dismantling panelling and cables that will be reinstated by the installer.

Q - Are Mobileye installations available Australia wide?
A - Telstra have accredited Mobileye installation technicians in every state and territory so that no matter where you reside within Australia there is a Mobileye installer that can assist you.

Q - How long does it take to install a Mobileye 6 Series Solution?
A - An average vehicle installation for a Mobileye 6 Series takes approximately 90 minutes to 2.5 hours, not including travel time.

Q - Where can I learn more about Mobileye?
A - To learn more about the various Mobileye solutions sold by Telstra visit telstra.com/mobileye or refer to our Customer Terms by visiting telstra.com/mobileyeterms


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