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International Roaming - What is the Telstra Permanent Inbound Roaming Policy?

by Community Manager ‎12-02-2015 09:04 AM - edited ‎06-04-2016 10:07 AM
  1. Key Consideration underpinning this policy
  2. Policy Framework
  3. Permanent Inbound Roaming Reporting
  4. Exclusion Requests



The Permanent Inbound Roaming Policy applies to Telstra’s overseas carrier roaming partners and not to Telstra’s customers.


The intention of the policy is to prevent a large number of services from an overseas carrier accessing our mobile network in an uncontrolled manner.


1.   Key Consideration underpinning this policy:


  1. As the mobile-connected Internet of things heads toward 20B devices by 2020, it becomes a technical and commercial risk for Telstra to allow devices to attach to our network in an uncontrolled /unplanned way.
  1. Telstra believes the use of international roaming to support permanently deployed mobile devices is an attempt to achieve domestic roaming outcomes. This does not (in Telstra’s view) align with the intended purpose of international roaming arrangements.
  1. Telstra wholesale is best placed to make decisions on commercial access to the Telstra network for domestic roaming purposes.

Whilst Telstra will be applying this policy to all International Roaming partners, it will consider exclusions (on a case by case basis)



2.   Policy Framework


  1. The new Permanent Inbound Roaming policy will apply to all International Roaming carrier partners from the date the policy is presented to them.
  1. A ‘Permanent Inbound Roaming Service’ is a service in a device which:
  • has a minimum of 6 Roaming Months in any rolling 12 month period (where a ‘Roaming Month’ is where that service is detected on the Telstra mobile network at least once in a month); AND
  • belongs to a single customer account or on a unique APN with more than 500 mobile devices on the Telstra mobile network.


  1. An International Roaming carrier partner will be subject to the consequence in paragraph 2. 4 below if that carrier has routed 5,000 or more unique Permanent Inbound Roaming Services on to Telstra’s mobile network. Telstra may at its discretion increase or decrease this qualification threshold with 30 days notice.


  1. Subject to paragraph 2.3 above, where Telstra detects a Permanent Inbound Roaming Service on its mobile network, it will at its discretion, disconnect and ban that service from reconnecting to its network indefinitely.



3.   Permanent Inbound Roaming Reporting: Telstra will monitor the occurrence of permanent inbound roaming.


  1. Monthly inbound roaming reports will be generated. The reports will include:
    • Home carrier network
    • APN
    • MSISDN
    • Device IMEI
    • Device Make/Model
    • Total KB
    • Country of Origin
  2. Unique services will be tracked over a rolling 12 month period
  3. Unique services will be defined by MSISDN or device IMEI


4.   Exclusion Requests


  1. Exclusions to the policy may be considered by Telstra after analysing information including:
    • Customer name
    • Application (e.g. smart meter, connected car, security monitoring, asset tracking, etc)
    • Number of services to be deployed over 5 years
    • Expected average data utilisation per service
  2. If a roaming partner requests an exclusion, Telstra will provide a response within 30 business days.