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How to view or change details of Your Telstra Tools users

by Community Manager ‎17-10-2016 03:39 PM - edited ‎17-10-2016 04:21 PM

As an Authorised Representative or an Administrative User, you can manage other users who are within your online hierarchy of users and:

  • Register  your subordinate for access to Your Telstra Tools  (Learn How)
  • Manage your subordinates’ access to online applications (Learn How)
  • Move your subordinates to other managing users to delegate managing responsibilities(Learn How)
  • Manage your subordinates by performing the following:

    • Change the contact details of your subordinates;
    • De-register/suspend/re-activate your subordinates’ access to Your Telstra Tools;
    • Change your subordinates’ online role;
    • Change your subordinates’ usernames or reset their passwords for those with username access to Your Telstra Tools; and
    • Replace your subordinates’ digital certificates for those with digital certificate access to Your Telstra Tools. 



To carry out any of the tasks listed under the forth bullet point, follow the steps below.

Easy step by step process 

Step 1:

From the top tabs select Your profile

Step 2:

On this page, find Manage your users box

Step 3:

In this box select View and edit user details.  This will take you to Manage your users page.

Step 4:

You will see all the subordinates who you manage.  Alternatively, type in the name of the user in the search box to search for an individual user and click Search

Step 5:

Click on the name of the subordinate whose details you want to edit.  This will take you to User Details page.

Step 6:

The subordinate’s details will be shown on the page. 

·        To change user details click Change details under User details section, fill in the new details and click Save.

·        To de-register/suspend/re-activate user access, change the status in the user status drop down box and click Change status

·        To change user role, click Change role under User role section, select the new user role and click Save

·        You can also Update username and Reset password or Replace Digital Certificate for the user (dependent on their access type) by clicking on the corresponding button on this page.