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How to create multiple Your Telstra Tools users

by Community Manager on ‎17-10-2016 03:31 PM

As an Authorised Representative or an Administrative User, you can register larger numbers of new users as your online subordinates and provide them access to online applications presented within Your Telstra Tools.  You can create them in batch mode by downloading and completing our template and uploading this as a CSV file.

All new users will be created with access to the same set of applications that you specify but you can then modify this individually once they are created. Learn How

There are many advantages to doing this:

  • You save time by not having to create each user individually.
  • You only have to enter the application entitlement once.
  • The system will validate the CSV file entries and allow you to correct any errors before submitting the multiple user creation requests.


Easy step by step process

Step 1:

From the top tabs select  Your Profile

Step 2:

On this page, find Manage your users box.

Step 3:

In this box select Create multiple users (spreadsheet upload). This will take you to Create multiple users page.

Step 4:

Click Download Template and save the file to your computer.

Step 5:

Complete the template in accordance to the requirements listed on the page.  Once you have done this, save the updated file to your computer.

Step 6:

Click Browse and navigate to where you have saved the updated file, select the file to upload.

Step 7:

After you have selected the file, click Continue.  The file you have selected is validated and an error page is displayed if there are validation errors.  Please note that if there are invalid fields in your file, you must correct the invalid fields in your saved file (refer to the entries highlighted on your error page), re-save the file, click Back and repeat Step 6 and 7.

Step 8:

Click Continue again to continue.

Step 9:

You will see the list of applications* (or where applicable, roles and functions associated with the applications) you can grant your subordinates access to under ‘Entitled applications’.  Select the applications you want your subordinates to have access to by selecting the checkbox next to the application role(s).  As applications are added they will move to under ‘User enrolled applications’.

Step 10:

Once you are satisfied, click Finish.

Step 11:

You will see a confirmation that your submission to create new users was successful.  Both you and your new users will receive an email confirmation when the users have been created.  The new users will receive directions to a URL which will guide them through the online steps they need to complete (e.g. user details, security questions and answers, agree to terms of use) to have a fully operating credential for systems access.  

*Please note there are some applications that are only available to contracted customers with relevant products and services.  Please note also that although access to some applications are provided via Your Telstra Tools, single sign-on is not possible at this time and you will not be able to see them listed on this page.  These applications may require alternative processes for you to grant/remove access for other users.  Please refer to the specific application under Application Help to see how you can enrol users to a particular application.