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How to create a new Your Telstra Tools user

by Community Manager on ‎17-10-2016 03:39 PM

 As an Authorised Representative or an Administrative User, you can register a new user within your online hierarchy of users to access Your Telstra Tools and many of the applications within it. 


You can register new users individually online and in real time by using your Create new user function.  If you need to register larger numbers of multiple users, you can do this via a batch process (Learn How).


Please note that if you have a Digital Certificate credential then you are able to create new users with a Digital Certificate credential or Username credential.  If, however, you have a Username credential then you are able to create new users only with a Username credential. 


Easy step by step process 

Step 1:

From the top tabs select Your profile

Step 2:

On this page, find Manage your users box

Step 3:

In this box select Create new user.  This will take you to Create new user page.

Step 4:

Fill in user details for the subordinate, including user details, unique user id (this is so you can readily identify your user – for example this could be their employee id), user role, login type and username (if the login type is ‘Username/Password’), and click Save

Step 5:

You will receive confirmation that the user has been created and the user will be emailed details to enable them to complete their registration.  

Step 6:

To grant access to online applications for the subordinate, you need to select the subordinate from Manage your users page (Learn how) Please note when you create a new user, they will automatically be enrolled to access to Your Telstra Tools.



Please link to the ‘View or change application access of your users’ article