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How do I cancel my AWS subscription with Telstra?

by Community Manager on ‎17-03-2016 05:58 PM - edited on ‎30-10-2017 05:38 PM by Community Manager

Contact us to cancel your AWS subscription from Telstra.


We won’t be able to cancel your services until you’ve removed all your AWS resources in the AWS Management Console, accessible via Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal. Make sure you retrieve any data you want to keep before removing any storage or servers. You’ll continue to be charged for any AWS resources that you do not remove.


Australian customers


Cancelling your AWS subscription will not remove any associated Cloud Gateway service. Early termination fees may apply if you cancel a Cloud Gateway before the end of a contract period. Please see Our Customer Terms for details. These charges may appear in your next few bills.. For more information, refer to the AWS terms and Our Customer Terms.


After cancelling your AWS subscription, you’ll still have access to the Cloud Services Portal to manage any other Telstra cloud services you may have. You can register again for AWS at any time. You may continue to receive platform notifications from time to time. Contact us to remove these functions.