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How do I apply for a new 13 or 18 number?

by Community Manager on ‎25-07-2014 10:54 AM

Applying for Telstras special 13 or 18 calling numbers is easy. Just call us on 132 000 or contact your Telstra Business Account Representative.


We can help your business attract callers with:


Priority One3 (e.g 13 xx xx)
1300 (e.g. 1300 xxx xxx)
Freecall One8 (18 02 xxx)
Freecall 1800 (e.g. 1800 xxx xxx)
International 1800 (e.g. 1800 xxx xxx) or
Phonewords (e.g. 13 CALL US, 1800 CALL 4 HELP, etc)

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Find out more about these options on the 13, 18 Numbers section of our website.