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How can I check if there is a problem with one of my M2M SIMs using the Telstra M2M Control Centre?

by Community Manager on ‎25-07-2014 11:00 AM

You can run a diagnostic check on an M2M service by clicking on the Diagnostics icon . This runs a quick check which covers:


Evaluates the SIMs current provisioning (or activation) status by checking the Control Centre databases.
SIM / Device: Evaluates the SIMs ability to use network resources by checking the SIMs configuration in the Control Centre databases.


Network Connection:
Evaluates the SIMs ability to attach to the wireless network by checking its current status on the Home Location Register (HLR) as well as the HLR logs. 


IP / Internet:
Evaluates the devices ability to interact with the customer servers by checking if the SIM has, or has had any previous, successful GPRS sessions.