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Fleet Complete FAQ’s

by Community Manager on ‎10-07-2018 05:52 PM

Q – What is Fleet Complete?

A – Fleet Complete is an international, full service telematics company which provides its solutions via dealers and direct across Australia


Q - What is a telematics solution?

A - A telematics solution is the collection, distribution and visualisation of data to and from a fleet of cars, trucks and assets and drivers that can help a business to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve compliance and driver safety
  • improve efficiencies


Q - Why do I need GPS tracking? What benefits does it offer to me?

A - A GPS tracking solution is an ideal solution for enterprise, government agencies and small-medium business’s with valuable assets. It allows users to track assets, such as important vehicles or standalone valuables. Telematics is a great solution for organisations with more than ten vehicles.


Q - Why should I choose Fleet Complete over other GPS fleet management companies?

A - Fleet Complete has scalable and may be able to customise solutions for a variety of businesses and from a wide range of industries.


Q - Do I need any special software installed on my computer in order to take full advantages of the GPS solutions offered by Fleet Complete?

A - Yes, a first time user will need to download the FC Web Platform or MyGeoTab software, then login as required. This is supplied by Fleet Complete and can be purchased through Telstra.


Q - Do I have to pay for software updates every time Fleet Complete introduces a new feature to the platform?

A - When you purchase FC Web Platform or MyGeoTab software from Telstra, your monthly fee includes all standard new features added to these software applications.


Q - Does the hardware that you sell come in different configurations and sizes?

A - Fleet Complete hardware devices which operate on the Telstra mobile network are Telstra network approved. There are different types of hardware depending on your requirements.


Q - What are the benefits of using a GPS solution?

A - GPS tracking solutions can help you to increase productivity and reduce operating costs through more efficient management of your fleet and assets. In addition, the solution can help you save money on fuel, improve your customer service and enable you to better manage fleet maintenance.


Q - How does your GPS hardware deliver information to the management software?

A - With GPS, the solution can determine where a vehicle or asset is located and send this data back to the FC Webor MyGeotab application via the Telstra mobile network and / or satellite network. Depending on the solution you choose it may also be able to send messages or forms to the driver of each vehicle.


Q - How will I know which Fleet Complete solution is the best for me?

A - Telstra can explain and even demonstrate the various hardware and software solutions available and we spend time upfront with you in order to understand your business. The Telstra and Fleet Complete teams have many years of experience and will guide you through the decision process and solutions.


Q- Are the various hardware solutions easy to install and maintain?

A - Fleet Complete has a network of approved installers who can ensure your hardware is installed correctly. Alternately you may choose to use your own auto electrician. The Go7 Plug and Play can be self-installed. The Go7 Ruddedised Go7 Fixed Install and MGS800 require professional installation.


Q - What are some of the unique customisations that are available through Fleet Complete?

A - Both MyGeotab and FC Web Platform are feature rich applications. You can choose to access information about your fleet or assets, depending on what is most relevant to your business. Speak to a Telstra representative for further information.


Q - Does Fleet Complete offer software integration?

A - Yes. Fleet Complete has Web Services/API capability. This is an extra cost. Ask the Fleet Complete Product Manager for more information.


Q - What makes Fleet Complete different from other fleet tracking and asset companies?

A - Fleet Complete offers a broad offering of hardware and software solutions for small businesses to some of Australia’s largest fleets. They operate in several countries around the world and bring that expertise back to Australia.


Q - Is there a warranty period for Fleet Complete hardware?

A - Yes. The Fleet Complete hardware purchased from Telstra comes with a 36 month Defect warranty, please see Telstra Mobiles Section - Part G – Data Services - Our Customer Terms for further information.


Q - How often does the OBDII device update/refresh?

A For GO7 OBDII device – whilst ignition is on, the device records a position based on an algorithm and transmits these positions no greater than ~100 seconds. Whilst ignition is in the off position, an update is sent every ~30 minutes for the first ~48 hours then every ~23 hours thereafter until the next ignition cycle.

For MGS800 OBDII device – whilst ignition is on, the device records a position no greater than every ~2 minutes and sends to the software no greater than every ~6 minutes. Whilst ignition is in the off position, an update is sent every ~12 hours until the next ignition cycle. These are default settings, the device has the ability to increase polling frequency, speak to your Telstra representative for further information.


Q - Can I get an alert when drivers leave/arrive home or sites without getting a report?

A - Fleet Complete has a ‘Geofence’ feature, from which you can set alerts to notify you when vehicles or assets either enter or leave certain geographic locations or areas of importance.


Q - Am I able to see what route a vehicle took?

A - Yes, Fleet Complete uses Google maps so you can easily see a route a vehicle has taken.  If you would like a more detailed view you can use the reporting suite to view trip reports and other reports about your fleet.


Q - Is the Fleet Complete device hardware wired in the vehicle or asset – can drivers find and remove them?

A - The tracking hardware is installed behind the vehicle dashboard, so is not visible to the driver or anyone else entering the vehicle. Asset tracking devices are, in some cases, installed with industrial magnets and cannot be easily removed or tampered with.


Q - Does the Go7 Device and the MGS800 come with a SIM card or do I have to order one separately?

A - Both the 3G Go7 Device and the 4G MGS800 OBDII devices come with a SIM card and data plan. This is included in the cost of the solution. Please see Telstra Mobiles Section - Part G – Data Services - Our Customer Terms for further information.


Q - Do I need a separate server?

A - No, the information for the standard solution applied for on the Application Form is managed by Fleet Complete and stored at secure data centres.


Q – Where is my data stored?

A – Data is stored in secure data centres in Australia for both the MyGeotab and FC Web solutions


Q - How accurate is the Fleet Complete solution?

A - The Fleet Complete solution is very accurate as it uses the Global Position System (GPS) network which is capable of reporting your vehicle’s position to within a few metres.


Q - How long does it take to install a Fleet Complete Solution?

A - An average vehicle installation takes approximately 1 to 2 hours for a basic tracking installation in a metro area.


Q - Is installation available Australia wide?

A – Yes. Fleet Complete have accredited installation technicians spread around the Australia that can install hardware in vehicles or assets by appointment.


Q - How often are the MyGeotab and FC Web Platform maps updated with new roads/postcodes etc.?

A - Because the map is viewed online we update it centrally as soon as updates become available.


Q - Does the solution work with Satellite communication?

A - Some Fleet Complete hardware can also operate on the Iridium satellite network should a customer operate in areas with limited Telstra Mobile Network coverage. Note that at this time the Satellite Unit and Iridium Add-on only work with the GO7 and MyGeotab solution. You must take up a satellite communications unit to access the Iridium satellite network when your vehicle or asset is not within Telstra Mobile Network coverage areas (“Satellite Unit”). As Telstra does not offer this service, you will need to acquire this service from Fleet Complete or another third party provider. However, you must purchase this Satellite Unit from Telstra. Please see Telstra Mobiles Section - Part G – Data Services - Our Customer Terms for further information.


Q - What happens after my Fleet Complete service/contract period ends?

A - Depending on the nature of your contract you will be converted to a month to month contract and may continue to use the hardware and software.


Q - Can Fleet Complete solution improve Fuel Benefit Tax reporting?

A - Yes, the Fleet Complete FBT solution can help you simplify your FBT reporting processes. The Fleet Complete E-Logbook FBT is a simple and convenient way to automate your vehicle logbook and assist in calculating your Fuel Benefit Tax return.


Q - What is the typical order process?

A - The ordering process is simple.  Once you have signed the relevant paperwork a Fleet Complete representative or authorised dealer will work with you to arrange the hardware installation in your vehicles and provide relevant training and support.