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Exit of Dial up access (125107) capability for SMS Access Manager

by Community Manager ‎27-05-2019 09:22 AM - edited ‎11-03-2021 04:00 PM

Why is Dial-up access being exited ?

Although SMS Access Manager currently supports both Dial-up and IP Connectivity due to the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll-out, Dial up is being progressively retired and customers are being asked to transition their broadband connections to IP and other alternative solutions.


What is the SMS Manager service used for?  

SMS Access Manager provides a highly reliable and available connection to the Telstra network for the purposes of sending business messages.

Some of the common uses of this service are:

  • Message Notification such as B2B reminders
  • Job Dispatch
  • Telemetry such as process alarms and events
  • Customer Notifications
  • Metering/Utilities
  • Permission Marketing
  • Operator Based Messaging – Job Booking

In some instances there may be a third-party provider, offering this service to you for a subscription charge if you don’t have directly contracted to Telstra.


What do I need to do?

If you are not currently a customer, a dial-up connection for SMS Access Manager will not be available to you from December 9 2019.


If you are currently using the dial-up to connect to SMS Access Manager, the good news is that there are alternatives. The option you ultimately select should be determined based on your usage and application and what you use the service for.


Importantly you may be required to contact Telstra or your third-party supplier to transition your connection before the exit date of 11th April 2021.


Telstra or your third party provider will be able to determine the solution that can provide a similar service via Internet Protocol (IP).


If your existing equipment is equipped with an internet (IP) interface, then you may be able to connect to SMS Access Manager by using a secure IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.


This page provides an overview of the SMS Access Manager service, as well as a Technical Guide that you can download, containing detailed information on connectivity and functionality.


An alternative service to SMS Access Manager is Telstra Messaging Application Programming Interface (API). Telstra’s Messaging API is an MMS/SMS web service, through which Telstra's customers and developers can connect their application via the internet for the purposes of send/receive messages, without pre-requisite knowledge of telephony programming. This enables for easy integration of business applications to Telstra world class messaging network. For more information click here or to submit a sales enquiry form click here.


If neither of these service options meets your needs, please contact your Telstra representative for advice on other messaging solutions.