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Eagle Track FAQs

by Community Manager ‎24-07-2019 09:11 AM - edited ‎26-07-2019 04:18 PM

Q - What is EagleTrack?

A - EagleTrack is a self-installed telematics solution for light commercial vehicles.


Q - What EagleTrack solutions are available from Telstra?

A - Telstra has 3 self-install EagleTrack solutions available for purchase.

  • Driver Insights: A solution that includes the ‘Swift’ application to enable drivers to log details such as Fit For Duty (FFD) declarations, vehicle incidents and inspections. This data links into the EagleTrack application and web portal via the Swift app.

  • Vehicle Insights: This solution includes an OBDII device to capture approximate vehicle location and provide vehicle data. This data is linked with the EagleTrack application and web portal.

  • Driver & Vehicle Insights bundle: Combines the Driver & Vehicle Insights packages together in a single bundle at a compelling price.

Q - How do I locate the OBDII port in my vehicle?



Q - What is the Swift app?

A - Swift is an app which allows the driver to log information such as fit for duty declarations, vehicle inspections and incidents, litres of fuel purchased and odometer readings.


Q - What is the EagleTrack platform?

A - The EagleTrack platform is software that enables you to log on via either a desktop, laptop, or via a tablet or mobile device using the EagleTrack app in order to view and create reports from your collected Vehicle Insights or Driver & Vehicle Insights solution data.


Q - Where is the data from my EagleTrack solution stored?

A - The data generated from your EagleTrack solution is housed on local Australian AWS servers, except in circumstances where the data is moved to another location by AWS.


Q - Are there any accessories available for purchase?

A - Yes customers purchasing either the Vehicle Insights package or the Driver & Vehicle Insights bundle are eligible to also purchase the optional OBDII Y cable at an additional cost.

The OBDII Y Cable enables you to retain a spare OBD port in your vehicles for use with other OBD compatible devices. It also enables you to neatly secure your OBDII device in a more practical location, such as under your dash, when the OBD port is located in an awkward place such as on the centre dash console.


Q - What are the installation options?

All EagleTrack solutions sold by Telstra must be self-installed. There is a ‘How to Install’ video available on the Telstra support site that can step you through the installation process. 


Q - Can I affix my OBDII device so that it sits out of the way?

A - Yes, you can affix your OBDII device by placing either double sided or velcro tape (not included) on one side of the OBD device and the other to the surface that you wish to affix the device to.


Q - What is the warranty on my OBDII device?

A - The manufacturer’s warranty on your CalAmp OBDII device is for 12 months from the date of dispatch. Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). For more information on your rights under the ACL and making a claim please refer to: http://consumerlaw.gov.au/


Q - Is my OBDII device compatible with the Telstra 4G Network?

A - No. At this time the OBDII device is compatible with the Telstra 3G Network only.


Q - How can EagleTrack benefit my business?

A - EagleTrack provides data that can benefit customers wishing to improve operational efficiency costs through making smarter decisions that can assist with reducing fuel costs, help to improve vehicle health, and assist to determine optimal fleet utilisation.

The EagleTrack web portal and app provide near real-time analytics to help improve driver safety. This may have significant flow-on benefits such as:

  • improving worker retention
  • enhancing a company’s reputation by promoting safety as a key value and;
  • helping businesses reduce associated costs with asset write downs and work-related injuries.

Finally, EagleTrack connected through Telstra’s 3G mobile network gives customer’s wide network coverage to assist the customer in managing fleet operations in more places around the country.


Q - What payment options are available?

A – Devices and accessories are paid for upfront on your first Telstra bill. All subscription and licence fees are charged on a month to month basis until cancelled. (Customers must notify Telstra if you intend to cancel at least 15 days prior)