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Do I pay for the Cloud Gateway connection to Virtual Storage?

by Community Manager ‎25-05-2017 05:46 PM - edited ‎31-05-2017 02:33 PM

To activate your Virtual Storage service, you first need to set up a Telstra Cloud Gateway connection to your virtual storage array(s).


For every new Cloud Gateway connection, you pay a one-off configuration fee and – in general for your Cloud Gateway service – a monthly bandwidth rental fee.


If you’ve already purchased Cloud Gateway and you have enough bandwidth to add a Virtual Storage connection, you can simply add a Cloud Gateway connection to it.


You’ll be charged according to the fees and conditions for the selected bandwidth for your Cloud Gateway.


The Cloud Gateway management console displays the amount of bandwidth allocated to your Cloud Gateway and the bandwidth you’ve then allocated to your connections.


Use of the Virtual Storage and Cloud Gateway services appear separately on your bill.

Cloud Gateway is used to provide a simple, scalable and secure connection to your Virtual Storage service from your Telstra IP network service. It also provides private and dedicated connectivity to other cloud platforms, plus the ability to manage bandwidth across them.