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Azure from Telstra FAQs

by Community Manager ‎01-11-2019 10:04 AM - edited ‎04-11-2019 03:51 PM

Q: How do I add an Azure cloud to Cloud Sight?

Simply follow the steps to add a cloud on the Cloud Sight platform. Once added, you'll start to incur fees based on the resources consumed. 


Q: Can I have multiple Azure clouds?

Yes, it's as easy as adding another cloud


Q: Can I bring Azure clouds I've already created to Cloud Sight?

Yes. Within the process for adding a cloud and select 'Add existing cloud.' 

Please note, only clouds purchased through Telstra can be added to Cloud Sight. 

  1. Can I add Azure clouds as well as other cloud services to the same Cloud Sight tenancy?

Yes, you can use AWS and any other cloud services on offer through Telstra Cloud Sight. Cloud services from multiple providers can be added to the same tenancy as well as the same workspace on Cloud Sight.


Q: How do I connect my Azure clouds to a network?

You can connect Azure clouds to your Telstra Next IP® network using a Cloud Connector. Fees apply – see the Cloud Connector pricing guide for details.

Note that you may also incur fees for:

  1. A Telstra Next IP network. If you don't already have one, we recommend purchasing this before adding a Cloud Connector (it could take up to 10 days to get your Next IP network up and running). 
  2. An Azure ExpressRoute. You can purchase an ExpressRoute via Cloud Sight, during the process of linking an Azure cloud to a Cloud Connector.

Q: How do I apply Cloud Sight features to my Azure cloud?

You can apply the following features on Cloud Sight. Select below links to learn more.

Q: What sort of compliance blueprints are available on Cloud Sight?

The following compliance blueprints are currently available on Cloud Sight.

Note that compliance blueprints can only be applied at the time of adding a cloud to Cloud Sight.


Q: How do I apply a compliance blueprint to Cloud Sight?

A compliance blueprint can only be applied to a cloud at the time of adding a cloud to Cloud Sight. See the compliance overview page on our user guide for more information. 


Q: Can I edit or remove a compliance blueprint from an Azure cloud?

You cannot change your blueprint selection or roll it back once it’s deployed to your cloud. You may change the configuration of your cloud through the Azure portal at the risk of no longer being compliant with the blueprint.


Q: Can I access the Azure portal?

After your Azure cloud is requested, we’ll send you an email with your administrator username, temporary password and a URL that’ll allow you to connect to the Azure Portal.

There's a hyperlink to the Azure portal on each row of your clouds on the Cloud Services page (home page), as well as one on each cloud details page, that takes you to the Azure portal without having to sign in. 


Q: What are the fees for using Azure on Cloud Sight?

There are no set-up fees, and charges will appear on your monthly Telstra bill based on consumed resources:


Q: In what currency are the Azure costs reported on Cloud Sight?

All AWS costs on Cloud Sight appear Australian dollars (exclusive of GST). 

See the cost management page on our user guide for more information.


Q: How will I be billed for my Azure services?

Your Azure fees (in Australian dollars) will be added to your regular Telstra bill, based on the services you've consumed. 


Q: What access does Telstra have to my Azure account?

When a new Microsoft Azure subscription is created Telstra is granted owner rights of that subscription. We'll log into the Microsoft Azure Management Portal and create/start/stop new Azure services for a specific subscription on your behalf. We can choose to grant you owner or contributor rights to the subscription in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. Once you've been assigned owner or contributor rights to a subscription you can log into the portal to create/start/stop new Azure services. Note that when you make changes to the subscription it will likely change the consumption usage and affect your fees.

More details can be found here:


Q: How do I cancel my Azure subscription with Telstra?

Contact us to cancel your Azure subscription.

Note that we won’t be able to cancel your services until you’ve removed all your resources in the Azure portal. Make sure you retrieve any data you want to keep before removing any storage or servers. You’ll continue to be charged for any Azure resources that you do not remove.

Please be aware, once your Azure subscription is cancelled, it is not possible to re-activate the same subscription again. 

After cancelling your Azure subscription, you’ll still have access to Telstra Cloud Sight to manage any other cloud services you may have. You can register again for Azure at any time. You may continue to receive platform notifications from time to time. Contact us to remove these functions.