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Mobile Broadband downloads

by Community Manager on ‎28-07-2014 02:05 PM - edited on ‎01-08-2018 07:23 PM by Community Manager

Telstra Universal Connection Manager

The Universal Connection Manager (UCM) is the administrative application for your mobile broadband service. It will provide you with a range of additional features including:

  • International roaming pop up messages – when roaming overseas you will receive messages advising you of the volume of data you have used while overseas
  • Access news, weather, sport and music
  • Access to online directories such as Yellow Pages and White Pages.
  • Links to Whereis maps


The UCM supports our wide range of mobile broadband devices, including the new Telstra USB 4G and prepaid services. Please refer to the section below for more details.


Full installation download instructions

Using your Plug and Play USB device, install the current connection manager on the device and access the internet.

Please note the following devices support the Universal Connection Manager:

Telstra USB 4G [Sierra Wireless 320U], Ultimate® USB [Sierra Wireless USB312] or Elite® USB [Sierra Wireless USB 306,308], Turbo USB [ ZTE 633 and 633+ ] devices are Plug and Play devices, so simply plug in the device and follow the instructions.


Alternatively, you can download and install the Manufacturer Connection Manager via the below links

Telstra USB 4G (Aircard 320 U), Telstra Elite® USB Modem (USB 306), and Telstra Ultimate® Mobile Wi-...
Telstra Prepaid Mobile Broadband devices and Telstra Elite® Mobile Wi-Fi
Telstra Turbo® Mobile Broadband Gateway and Telstra Ultimate® Mobile Broadband Gateway